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The Hub Digest 2/20/2017

The Hub Digest 2/20/2017


the hub digest

February 20, 2017


Starting your business

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Batch 19 Demo Day

Interested in learning about the newest startups in San Francisco? Here is a list of the startups attending the one-day event of the hottest accelerator & Series A portfolio companies. Read about new products, interesting ideas and the super intelligent people that are behind them.

The Frugal Entrepreneur: 10 Tips for Starting Your Own Business with No Money

Many new entrepreneurs feel as though investor dollars or crowdfunding is the only way to get your business off of the ground. In the past, many have done it the traditional way... With no money. See some examples of big businesses that have done it without cash and ways that you can as well. 

15 Great Small Business Ideas

Do you have that entrepreneurial fire inside of you but, just do not have an idea to start your own business? Let that fire burn! Here are 15 ideas that are low cost to enter and could have potential for high returns. 



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How to Use Built-In Social Media Analytics to Uncover Hidden Insights

"You can't manage what you can't measure." quote by Peter Drucker is absolutely dead on. Social Media Today tackles three of the larger platforms and reviews how to find their analytic tools and what to look for when analyzing them. Find out what types of posts, times, hashtags and ads are most successful, so that more time is spent on what works! 

Digital Marketing Tools | Tools For Small to Medium Sized Businesses

There are various companies pushing their tools onto small businesses. We review these tools and many of the ones that we use are in this article. Pay special attention to the Analytics section as you should make sure that your website's sitemap and other Google related connections are working properly. 

How to Improve Your Email Open Rates

Email marketing is still the best way to interact with your existing clients or potential customers in your target market. The question is; Are you providing your audience with the intriguing content that will keep them engaged? Marketing Insider Group looks at some strategies to assist you in retaining and attracting customers via email.   



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Tool To Try: Habit List

Do you post on social media, write in a journal, meditate and exercise? Do you not drink enough water or drink too much coffee? Do you need somewhere to help you track your good and bad habits? If paying attention to your habits and working towards daily goals is important, then this app is for you. It is sneaky good and definitely worth a try.

The 10 Hottest Productivity Podcasts of 2017

You are not the only one that struggles with staying productive. There are many of us out there that have our highs and lows. We all know that being consistently highly productive is the main goal but, that is easier said than done. These 10 podcasts are motivating and filled with an incredible amount of actionable information. You will not only learn a lot but also increase your productivity. Trust us, we love the Tim Ferriss Show and it has brought a whole new level of enthusiasm to our business.


5 Time-Tracking Tools for Better Productivity

Wondering how much time you are spending on certain tasks? Are you an entrepreneur and the 60+ hours that you are spending STILL not enough? Maybe the focus of your time is on the wrong tasks. Track what you do with a tool and analyze what is actually going on in your day. Don't waste valuable time on tasks that others should be doing for you. Take back what is yours, the most important thing that you have... TIME!